Transmission Service & Repair

The transmission is an integral part of your vehicle's engine. So if there's a problem, it can significantly alter your vehicle's ability to run. If your transmission isn't working properly, it could affect your gas mileage and put more stress on the engine. Sometimes the solution is as simple as adding transmission fluid.

A couple signs your transmission fluid may need to be replaced or serviced:

Shifting is rough
Delayed engagement
Slow to move when cold
Engine is revving high

Here at Oceanside Auto Repair Service Center, we can not only perform a typical transmission service (replacing 25-30% of the transmission fluid), but we can also replace 100% of your transmission fluid.

Getting your transmission serviced regularly (we recommend every 30,000 miles) can help in the longevity and can improve the performance of your transmission. All of us at Oceanside Auto Repair look forward to servicing all of your transmission repair needs!