About Us

The story of Oceanside Auto Repair & Smog begins back in 2010 in Bakersfield, CA. Owner and operator Alin grew his initial business and eventually opened up shop here in Oceanside, CA in May of 2016. When Alin first opened up shop in Oceanside, we were called Oceanside Bumper and Exhaust and we focused on services such as smog inspections, exhaust repair, and minor auto body repair.

Our shop eventually became a STAR Certified smog inspection and repair service center. STAR Stations are smog inspection stations that meet certain high performance standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Our smog technician has the essential certifications for smog inspection, diagnostics, and repair to meet these standards. We are actually one of the few repair facilities that have been certified by The Bureau of Automotive Repair within a five-mile radius of Oceanside.

After we became STAR smog certified, Alin decided to change the name of the shop to Oceanside Auto Repair & Smog. Alin's purpose for the shop was to focus on classic restorations, but he realized that consumers were more interested in having their vehicles repaired. He understood that there was a need in the community for an honest and fair repair shop, so he decided to make his shop completely full-service.

Alin has been in the automotive industry for about 15 years now and, additionally, he owns and operates an auto glass and window tint facility in Oceanside. Alin himself has a huge passion for exotic cars and the automotive industry in general. Vehicles he has owned include a Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, a Porsche, and two Rolls Royces. Currently, he is working on restoring a 1965 Princess Rolls Royce that he owns.

When you need auto repair, a certified smog inspection, or a STAR certified smog completed, we invite you to come by our shop today here at Oceanside Auto Repair & Smog or give us a call, one of our friendly service advisors will be happy to assist you.